Apologies for the delay on closing the vote for this release.

The following votes were cast:

+1: schultz, remm, isapir, markt


+1: Romain Mannu-Bucau, Dimitris Soumis

There were no other votes, therefore the vote passes.

I will begin the release process shortly.


The proposed Apache Tomcat 10.1.20 release is now available for

The notable changes compared to 10.1.19 are:

- Fix regression when reloading TLS configuration and files.

- When restoring a saved POST request after a successful FORM
  authentication, ensure that neither the URI, the query string no
  the protocol are corrupted when restoring the request body.

- Align error handling for Writer and OutputStream. Ensure use of either
  once the response has been recycled triggers a NullPointerException
  provided that discardFacades is configured with the default value of

For full details, see the change log:

Applications that run on Tomcat 9 and earlier will not run on Tomcat 10 without 
changes. Java EE applications designed for Tomcat 9 and earlier may be placed 
in the $CATALINA_BASE/webapps-javaee directory and Tomcat will automatically 
convert them to Jakarta EE and copy them to the webapps directory.

It can be obtained from:

The Maven staging repo is:

The tag is:

The proposed 10.1.20 release is:
[ ] Broken - do not release
[ ] Stable - go ahead and release as 10.1.20

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