On 4/15/24 11:13, Mark Thomas wrote:
On 05/04/2024 12:55, Mark Thomas wrote:
5 Apr 2024 04:33:42 Christopher Schultz <>:


Can't this entire class be replaced with calls to java.util.Base64.get*Encoder and java.util.Base64.get*Decoder wherever necessary?

Now that 9.0.x is oldest, we should be able to use java.util.Base64 from Java 1.8+

Possibly. There is a commit from 2.0.x that does that that we could back port.

The one thing I wanted to check was that the Tomcat one was stricter for URL safe Vs non URL safe. I wasn't sure how that applied here.

My main concern was aligning 9.0.x through 11.0.x which is now done. Improvements like this were next on the TODO list for File upload.

I've done more checks and it was the commons implementation that used the same decoder for standard and URL-safe. The Java implementation has specific decoders for each.

It looks like we can remove the o.a.tomcat.util.codec.binary package completely. I'll take a look. If it is possible then the plan would be remove in 11.0.x and deprecate in 10.1.x and earlier just in case someone is using the Tomcat internals directly.



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