On 27/07/2015 00:05, George Stanchev wrote:
> Is there anyone working on connectors or Apache is doing just
> emergency security releases?

As with all ASF projects, committers work on projects when they want to
and when they have time to.

At the moment, I'm working on a 1.2.41 release (as you can see from the
dev list activity over the last 24 hours).

"svn log" shows what activity there has been (nothing since March until
I started the 1.2.41 release).

> I've submitted a bug [1] with a simple, one liner fix that got
> overlooked for this release. We're maintaining a parallel source
> branch to get around this issue which breaks authentication
> integrations and I was hoping to get it in the .41 release given the
> fact that connectors are released once in a blue moon.

It isn't going to get into 1.2.41 now it has been tagged and the release
vote has started but I'll take a look for the next release. Keep in mind
my C skills are basic to say the least so I might have to pass on this
if I can't convince myself that the patch is OK.

> Is there anything else I can do besides point to a problem and attach
> a patch with the solution to get it in a release? Are Connectors
> orphaned?

Do that several times, become a committer and you can do the release
yourself :).


> George
> [1] https://bz.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=57836

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