Hi folks!

I'd love to start the tomee8 branch.
There are a lot of components which are ready to go. 

And I also had an idea about how we could very eagerly publish binaries to play 

I imagine to have 2 goals:

1.) TomEE-8.0: this will be the 'development train'.
It will contain JavaEE8 parts (mostly) and some JavaEE 7 parts still. 
We do not need to wait until we are fully EE8 compatible and certified, we can 
just go on and publish this stuff as long as we CLEARLY state that we are not 
yet fully EE8.

2.) TomEE-8.1: once we reach full EE8 compatibility we switch over to 8.1. 

The main benefit of this approach is that we do not need to wait with doing a 
release until all the features are EE8 but we can eagerly push releases which 
are perfectly fine for people to use already.



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