Can you elaborate on what "deprecate" actually means? Here's what i think
it means:

- don't bother converting `/capabilities/{{name}}` from Perl to Go and
adding some kind of deprecation message to the `/capabilities/{{name}}`
Perl response.

On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 12:15 PM ocket 8888 <> wrote:

> I recently marked a PR that rewrites the `/capabilities` endpoint in Go as
> ready for review ( and
> with it added handlers for PUT and DELETE. That means that
> `/capabilities/{{name}}` will no longer do anything that `/capabilities`
> does not, so is it alright if we deprecate it?
> There's also been some discussion about deprecating the ability to
> create/modify/delete capabilities at all (mostly on that PR itself, atm).
> I'd like to answer my above question before we get into that, though.

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