Perhaps it could check for WIP prefix to prevent noisy(?) failures on 
incomplete work?

On 8/8/17, 3:39 PM, "Dan Kirkwood" <> wrote:

    Hi all...   We have projects in the Apache Jenkins server under this
    I've added a new project there to build new PR:
    Details below,   and also documented in the description at the top of that 
    Questions/Concerns?   Please follow up to the dev mailing list here.
    When a new pull request is opened in the project, it will build
    automatically if the author is already whitelisted.
    If the author is not white-listed, builder will ask (in PR comments)
    "Can one of the admins verify this patch?". Any committer can respond
    in the PR comments:
    "ok to test" to accept this pull request for testing
    "test this please" for a one time test run
    "add to whitelist" to add the author to the whitelist
    If the build fails for other various reasons you can rebuild:
    "retest this please" to start a new build

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