Here's a link to the major, critical or blocker issues filed against 2.1
(35 of them as of this writing)

Doesn't seem like a good idea to ship something with 35 major+ issues filed
against it. Maybe our Release Manager (Hank) can reach out to the reporter
of each issue to see if it can be downgraded or fixed prior to RC0? In the
meantime, like Dave said, let's be proactive and address any issues you've
reported. I'm looking at mine now.


On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 7:53 AM, Dave Neuman <> wrote:

> Hey All,
> I was looking at Jira and noticed that we have 53 unresolved issues against
> TC 2.1 [1].  Of these 53, 6 are Critical or Blocker.  I know that we Hank
> just cut the 2.1 branch and is thinking about putting out an RC0.  In my
> opinion we need to address these issues before RC0 is released for
> testing.  If you have some time can you please take a look at the open
> issues and help out by either submitting a PR, moving to a different
> release, or closing the issue if it truly is resolved?
> Thanks,
> Dave
> [1]

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