+1 - I've compiled 7.1.3-RC0 on CentOS 6 using devtoolset-6 [gcc (GCC) 6.3.1 
20170216 (Red Hat 6.3.1-3)] and on CentOS 7 using stock gcc-4.8.5.  I ran all 
regression tests on both version and all passed.  I've also check the signature 
and verified the sha512.


On 4/9/18, 5:34 PM, "Leif Hedstrom" <zw...@apache.org> wrote:

    I've prepared a release for 7.1.3 (RC0), which is a bug fix release on the 
previous v7.1.2 release. The release notes for 7.1.3 is available at:
    or for a brief ChangeLog (also attached below):
    This release of v7.1.3 is backwards compatible with all v7.x release, for 
some details as to what’s new in v.7.1.x see
    Information about upgrading to the 7.x releases from previous major 
versions is available at:
    The artifacts are available for download at:
    SHA512 checksum:
    This corresponds to git refs:
        Hash: e1b54b7d459c9df42ec511b93d7b3e51bd90f3f9
        Tag: 7.1.3-rc0
    Which can be verified with the following command:
        $ git tag -v 7.1.3-rc0
    All code signing keys are available here:
    Make sure you refresh from a key server to get all relevant signatures. 
This vote is open until EOB April 15th, but please test and cast your votes as 
early as possible.
    — Leif
    Changes with Apache Traffic Server 7.1.3
      #2048 - Prevent potential dispatch of HttpTunnel events to a dead 
      #2050 - Address session/transaction close errors.
      #2099 - Fix session-based memory leak.
      #2267 - Add diagram for header_rewrite Hooks
      #2515 - Fix timing error in the tls_hook10 test.
      #2766 - Move the postbuf into HttpSM
      #2986 - Modify regex_revalidate so that traffic_ctl may be used to 
trigger updates
      #2993 - Cherry pick and some manual fixes to address testing issues in 7.1
      #3001 - Fix an enum element mismatch between TSServerState and 
      #3002 - new_MIOBuffer: uninitialized water_mark fix.
      #3022 - Do not send HSTS header when remap has failed
      #3029 - clang-format
      #3032 - Avoid copying over data in the write_vio into response_buffer
      #3043 - moves ocsp connect failures to Debug
      #3044 - Explicitly set enable_doc_build to yes if --enable-docs is 
provided to allow documentation and manpages build
      #3045 - Processing DNS reponses with CNAME & SRV records
      #3048 - Fix OCSP under OpenSSL 1.1.x
      #3063 - Fixes a warning from clang v6.x
      #3068 - Fixed crash in microserver help message
      #3070 - Fix X-Id logging for slow log
      #3075 - coverity 1385717: Out-of-bounds write
      #3076 - Note the stripe meta while clearing the stripe
      #3083 - Fix a bug that chunked resopnses aren't logged properly if the 
client side is H2
      #3085 - Heap use after free (backport #3069)
      #3096 - Send VC_EVENT_WRITE_READY/COMPLETE when write_vio is consumed
      #3106 - Adds a new configuration proxy.config.http.allow_multi_range
      #3108 - Restores traffic_top -s option to be in seconds
      #3109 - Handle MIME hdr parsing edge case
      #3113 - Decrement stream counts immediately when the stream is removed 
from stream_list
      #3120 - Use the correct Lua symbol for verify-server setting
      #3128 - Heap use after free in UnixNetVConnection
      #3134 - Test: fix string_view unit test.
      #3146 - Call mark_body_done() when response body is empty
      #3164 - Doc: Fix 7.1.x documentation building for Sphinx 1.7.0.
      #3172 - Issue #2963 - Remove TS.pm.in from copy
      #3184 - Doc for overridable client cert filename
      #3189 - Added a first cut of a .spec file, losely based on the Fedora 
      #3190 - Fix the expression for checking file descriptor
      #3191 - Doc for ATS client tls configuration
      #3192 - Return 400 if there is whitespace after the field name and before 
the colon
      #3195 - Adds better sanity checks around the method IX
      #3196 - Backport of url_sig plugin from master to 7.1.x
      #3197 - Free Http2Stream directly when HttpSM is already gone or not 
      #3201 - Close the connection when returning a 400 error response
      #3205 - Isolate client ctx options from server options
      #3206 - Remove HAVE_POSIX_MEMALIGN related code
      #3219 - fix unpredictable diskok within CacheProcessor::start_internal
      #3220 - Support more redirect status codes - 303, 305.
      #3222 - Fix instability caused by HTTP2_SESSION_EVENT_FINI
      #3227 - Acquire lock before calling Http2ClientSession::free() from 
      #3228 - Combine mutex of Http2ClientSession and Http2ConnectionState
      #3230 - Removed MD5 signature files based on ASF updated release policy
      #3231 - Validate Content-Length headers for incoming requests
      #3233 - All or nothing for readIntoBuffer
      #3240 - Fixing #3232, crash when making a server push
      #3241 - Warning message when openning hostdb file fails
      #3243 - Make throttling feature more useful.
      #3247 - s3_auth: check if previous config (re)load failed
      #3252 - Print the volume path that is clearing its directories
      #3268 - Clear vio so lingering IO is not confused when error message is 
      #3274 - Correct shutdown flag in UnixNetVConnection
      #3277 - Drain the request body if there is a cache hit.  Only drain if the
      #3285 - Stop connection reattempts on origin which sends EOS on no data.
      #3290 - Fix parent.config memory leak.
      #3302 - traffic_ctl host status changes.
      #3306 - Go into timeout state regardless of whether server response data 
was sent
      #3307 - Handle rescheduled transaction close event via tunnel.
      #3323 - Fixes various issues with brotli compression
      #3344 - Reject inaddr any 7.1.x backport
      #3355 - allow for specifying of brotli via --enable-brotli= or pkg-config
      #3360 - Potential traffic_cop crash due to leftover data in socket
      #3370 - Document proxy.config.ssl.client.cipher_suite
      #3401 - HostDB - removing infinite ttl (0)
      #3407 - Add nullptr checks in Http2Stream::update_write_request()
      #3412 - Fixed length calculation for url_sig excl regexes.
      #3413 - Fixes a case on chunked cached objects, 304s and Ranges

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