Hi, all,

When I prepare the Release Note for R2.2.0, I found a problem that developers 
sometimes wrongly specify the 'fixed version' as R2.2, but the real fix code 
not merged into R2.2 branch. 

Now R2.2 is closed for code merge, so any new JIRA or ongoing JIRA, please 
DON"T use R2.2 as the 'fix version'.

The best practice is not fill in 'fix version' until one resolve the JIRA, so 
he/she knows which branch the code merged into. 

The current main branch is for R2.3. When R2.3 branch is created, any new JIRA 
closed should also notice if you check in the fix into R2.3 branch or main 
branch and fill in the 'fix version' correctly. Since we use JIRA's filter to 
generate the release note, so please all contributors help to notice this ^_^

Thanks all,

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