hi, weiqing,

You can merge into R2.2 branch for the change. I will create the first RC1 
after your code merged.


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Hi Ming,

Could you please wait 1 more day. I found we have 3 PRs need to be merged for 
connectivity side. But they failed with a JDBC regression failed. 

Actually, the failures is not caused by the changes. It failed because of the 
there are too many statements for one session in the regression test. This 
question is talked with anther mail already.

I have create a PR for this issue, and I am waiting for the result now. If this 
PR merged, we can re-run the test for others ones and then all can be merge.

It also OK if you don’t want wait since we also can merge the change to the 
release branch.

> On Aug 8, 2017, at 20:51, Liu, Ming (Ming) <ming....@esgyn.cn> wrote:
> hi, all,
> All major JIRAs targeted for R2.2 release already merged, so I created the 
> R2.2 branch today. And I asked Steve to help to setup auto regression test 
> for this branch.
> So we hope to release R2.2 within one month with several RC expected. So the 
> target R2.2 release date will be early September.
> Thanks all for contributing.
> thanks,
> Ming

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