Another new feature is a performance improvement in UPDATE STATISTICS for 
tables with varchar columns. It's called "varchar compaction", and is described 

By default it is turned off. But it can be turned on using CQD 



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The other improvements made in this release and partially in earlier R2.1 
release are
TRAFODION-2596 improve the log4j and log4cxx infrastructure in Trafodion
TRAFODION-2420 RMS enhancements


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Subject: [Release R2.2 SURVEY] New features survey of release R2.2

Hi, all,

We are now preparing the Apache Trafodion Release R2.2. As roughly planned in 
the beginning, there are two major New Features:
Port Esgyn DTM changes to Trafodion                                    
jdbcT4 profile configuration for publish to maven central  TRAFODION-2513

But there must be more. I ask for all contributor's help to reply to this 
survey, if you think your JIRA is a New Feature, please reply and tell us the 
JIRA ID. That will be included in the Release Note.

thanks you all in advance.


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