I'm helping my workmates exposing their works more onlist so that we track
the progress onlist and improve the visibility. Hopefully a scaffolding of
the website will be put on the website repository later and we keep moving
the previous workflow all on Apache infrastructure. It will take some time
for all contributors to get familiar with it, though.


Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com> 于2020年1月15日周三 上午9:34写道:

> Hi,
> Thanks for that information.
> > Currently the development of website is in design phase and the only
> > intermediate result is a conceptual product that bebe attach on this
> > thread[1]. The code work doesn't happen until we reach consensus of the
> > element that should be displayed.
> I assume you can see the conflict with doing this offlist and having the
> PPMC reach consensus / involving all of the PPMC in the process?
> Thanks,
> Justin

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