On 02.02.18 10:06, Georg Kallidis wrote:
> Fulcrum Security is just released, but not yet Intake. Intake would be 
> just a bugfix release - or not? Then who may trigger the voting process? 
> Jeff?

I think that an Intake release makes every sense.
As Intake is usually my playground, I'll do the release.

> We may update the trunk to Java 8 (and update minor/major version number - 
> we may also create a branch for 4.0.x). 

I have some adjustments sitting here regarding Velocity 2.0. These are
not yet committed as Velocity 2 needs at least Java 1.7. If you think
that updating the Java requirements in a bugfix release is a good idea
(which I don't), I'm ready to commit the changes.

Bye, Thomas.

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