the UIMA-DUCC 2.2.2 release candidate 1 is ready for voting.

This version contains the following fixes:
-Upgraded UIMA (2.10.2), UIMA-AS (2.10.2), ActiveMQ (5.15.2), Spring Framework (4.3.9), Camel (2.19.3), XStream (1.4.10)
-Requires java 8 for builds and runtime
-Fixed rogue process detector to prevent truncation of user names
-Reduced size of publications between the PM and Agents
-Improved Agent's detection of defunct processes
-Improved logging of system events
-ducc_watcher improvements
-Job & managed reservation specs now saved in DB
-DUCC Web Server (WS) queries DB too often
-DUCC Web Server (WS) should use Resource Manager (RM) calculated value for machine's memory available

The list of changes in Jira:

The source and binary zip/tars are staged to

The Maven artifacts are here:

The SVN tags are here:

See http://uima.apache.org/testing-builds.html for suggestions on how to test release candidates.

Please vote on release:

[ ] +1 OK to release
[ ] 0   Don't care
[ ] -1 Not OK to release, because ...


Jerry Cwiklik
Apache UIMA

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