Sorry for being so late to respond to this.

You are correct that there is a problem with the change in allowing 
user.IMtypeid to be NULL.  I created JIRA-993 to track it.  I've committed 
code to fix the frontend to handle the NULL case correctly.


On Wed September 14 2016 11:40:26 AM YOUNG OH wrote:
> Hi All,
> I found that IMtypeid in User table (run update-vcl.sql from vcl trunk)
> allows null so that adding a local user (e.g., test1) using "vcld --setup"
> didn't set the value for the account. But when you try to login with the
> account it failed to get user info from database. Please take a look at it
> and let me know if I miss something. Thank you.
> ---------------
>  ERROR(1): Failed to get user info from database. userid was
> test1@local\nMode was
> main\n\n\nBacktrace:\n=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=\nCall#:1 =>
> index.php:initGlobals() (line#:59)\n\nBacktrace with
> Arguments:\n=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=\nCall#:1 => index.php:initGlobals()
> (line#:59)\nArguments(none):\n-----------------------\n
> -----------
> Best,
> Young
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