The Apache Velocity community is pleased to announce the release of Apache Velocity Engine 2.2. The release is available for download at:

Apache Velocity is well-known in the Java field as a lightweight, easy-to-use templating library for creating dynamic web sites and performing other text-generation tasks. It relies on the Velocity Template Language (VTL) which is aimed at ease-of-use and simplicity.

Main changes in this release:

* New runtime.log.track_locations debugging configuration flag which displays the VTL stack trace in the logs in cases of errors, and populates slf4j MDC tags about position in VTL templates.

* New example of how to build a customized VTL parser where the '#', '$', '*' and '@' characters can be replaced by alternate characters.

* New backward compatibility flags to mimic 1.7.x event handlers and velicomacros behaviors.

For a full list of changes, consult the Velocity Engine 2.2 Changes section:

as well as the JIRA changelog:

For notes on upgrading, see Velocity Engine 2.2 Upgrading section:


  the Apache Velocity team.

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