Gabriel Li created WEEX-217:

             Summary: WXTransform should not crash while parsing 'translate(0)'
                 Key: WEEX-217
             Project: Weex
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: iOS
            Reporter: Gabriel Li
            Assignee: Adam Feng

According to the latest published W3C specification about [CSS 
translate() = translate( <length-percentage> [, <length-percentage> ]? )
specifies a 2D translation by the vector [tx, ty], where tx is the first 
translation-value parameter and ty is the optional second translation-value 
parameter. If <ty> is not provided, ty has zero as a value.
, _translate(tx)_ is equal to _translate(tx, 0)_. In the previous _version of 
Weex_, we removed the array length check in method [WXTransform parseTranslate:]
- (void)parseTranslate:(NSArray *)value
    [self parseTranslatex:@[value[0]]];
    [self parseTranslatey:@[value[1]]];
so if the parser encounter a '_translate(0)_', the array contains only one 
single value inside, parseTranslate will fetch the element at index 1 from the 
array, which causes a typical _out-of-bounds_ exception, and lead to an app 
crash eventually.

As we known in many js packing procedures, '_translate(x, 0)_' will be 
compressed/minified to the form 'translate(x)', Weex should avoid such 
inconsistent implementations and conforms the W3C specifications.

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