The only use I recall for adding podlings to asf-auth was to have this
information show up in the apache phone book.  These asf-auth entries
should be deleted (and the phone book should be updated, if necessary,
to no longer look for this information there).

- Sam Ruby

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 7:27 AM, sebb <> wrote:
> I added a check for asf-auth locally defined groups against
> projects.members and projects.owners for current podlings.
> This throws up a few discrepancies (as below)
> Note that some podling entries (impala, ponymail) in projects have
> different owners and members rosters.
> current podlings(asf-auth) ~ project(members, owners)
> gossip: pm-auth=["drew"] auth-pm=["cpancholi"]
> gossip: po-auth=["drew"] auth-po=["cpancholi"]
> griffin: pm-auth=[] auth-pm=["alexlv", "guoyp", "johnliu",
> "liangshao", "wenzhao", "yosha"]
> griffin: po-auth=[] auth-po=["alexlv", "guoyp", "johnliu",
> "liangshao", "wenzhao", "yosha"]
> hawq: pm-auth=["jerenkrantz"] auth-pm=[]
> hawq: po-auth=["jerenkrantz"] auth-po=[]
> impala: pm-auth=["bharathv", "dknupp", "lv", "mikeb", "mmokhtar",
> "tmarshall"] auth-pm=[]
> impala: po-auth=["lv", "mikeb"] auth-po=[]
> joshua: pm-auth=["bayard", "pramirez"] auth-pm=[]
> joshua: po-auth=["bayard", "pramirez"] auth-po=[]
> juneau: pm-auth=["dmg", "phaumer", "sblackmon", "yidonguk"] auth-pm=[]
> juneau: po-auth=["dmg", "phaumer", "sblackmon", "yidonguk"] auth-po=[]
> ponymail: pm-auth=["sebb"] auth-pm=[]
> edgent: pm-auth=["jmclean", "johndament", "lresende"] auth-pm=[]
> edgent: po-auth=["jmclean", "johndament", "lresende"] auth-po=[]
> ratis: pm-auth=[] auth-pm=["cliang", "mayank", "szetszwo"]
> ratis: po-auth=[] auth-po=["cliang", "mayank", "szetszwo"]
> rya: pm-auth=["billie", "dlotts"] auth-pm=[]
> rya: po-auth=["billie", "dlotts"] auth-po=[]
> tamaya: pm-auth=[] auth-pm=["gpetracek", "rmannibucau", "struberg"]
> tamaya: po-auth=[] auth-po=["gpetracek", "rmannibucau", "struberg"]
> toree: pm-auth=["blue", "mariusvniekerk"] auth-pm=[]
> toree: po-auth=["blue", "mariusvniekerk"] auth-po=[]
> wave: pm-auth=["grobmeier", "pablojan"] auth-pm=[]
> wave: po-auth=["grobmeier", "pablojan"] auth-po=[]

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