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> The committer detail page shows a lot of data, but it's not always clear
> what everything is (especially to new committers).  I hope to find time
> to make some UX improvements - suggestions or objections?
> - Add a link to id.a.o, which is where committers can update their email
> addresses, PGP keys, homepage URL.  (Unless we have specific plans to
> add that functionality here)

... only if the user is viewing their own page (__self__), right?

It wouldn't be difficult to add that functionality to the roster tool
(a few examples are already in place), but no, I am not aware of any
specific plans, so adding a link would be in order.

> - Include tooltips (how?) or other help doc explaining terms: groups,
> committees, SpamAssassin score, other?

tooltips can be done by using HTML title attributes.  bootstrap has
support for styling tooltips using additional attributes.

> - Add links to subscribe.cgi and moderationhelper.cgi in the obvious places.
> Question: does the person.member_nomination section work?  When I look
> at a committer who I put in the watch list, I don't see anything there.
> What is it supposed to show, and to whom?

parsing logic is in lib/whimsy/asf/nominees.rb.  It parses the last
meeting, and this data is not show for people who are currently
members.  And will only be shown to people who are members.  See

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