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> Responding here.  This is very nice.  Big help.  I have a couple of
> questions.
>  1. What universe do you use for populating the new chair lists for
>     change chair or establish TLP.  Is this like all of ldap?  The
>     change chair does not seem to have many people in it.

Change chair: members of the PMC.

Establish PMC: all committers.

>  2. How does access work (i.e. who gets which buttons?)

All officers and members have access to these forms, and (unlike other
forms) the buttons don't vary based on who is accessing the form.  My
thoughts are that every ASF member and officer have access to the
underlying svn repository and can author a resolution, and I don't see
any reason for whimsy to further limit access.

The one thing that does change is the order of PMCs in dropdowns: in
general the order is PMCs that you are currently the chair of,
followed by PMCs that you are a member of, followed by all the rest of
the PMCs.  And the dropdown for new chair will default to you if you
are a member of the PMC and not the current chair.  But these are just

> Phil

- Sam Ruby

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> Subject:        Whimsy templated resolution support
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> I've just started work on this, but you can see work in progress here:
> https://whimsy.apache.org/board/agenda/
> Where there previously was an 'add resolution' button, there now is a
> 'add item' button.  The plan is to generalize this to adding a number of
> different types of things to the agenda, be it a new resolution, an out
> of cycle report, or perhaps a new discussion item.
> I've started off implementing a chair change form.  With a few mouse
> clicks one can now post a properly formatted chair change resolution to
> the agenda.
> Bugs?  Suggestions?  Join us on dev@whimsical.apache.org to discuss...
> - Sam Ruby

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