Maybe it would be possible to update current version?
I'm afraid having 2 different Google Chart modules would be too much :)

BTW there are also for chart
drawing :)

On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 2:36 PM, Dieter Tremel <>

> Hello wicket-team,
> for a project visualizing metar weather data I used wicket-charts based
> on Highcharts in a former version
> ( Due to licensing
> of Highcharts I decided to move to Google charts, but found the
> implementation in wicketstuf outdated, since it depends on the image
> chart API, which is deprecated since 2012.
> So I wrote a Google Charts component based on the actual API. I am
> pleased with it, perhaps it could be helpful for other developers, so
> I'd like to give it to wicketstuff.
> It is rather lightweight, just enough Java to render the necessary
> JavaScript to the page header without knowledge of JavaScript. Knowledge
> of the Google API is needed to use it, it does not hide anything of the
> API, it should be quite feature complete. It is based at many points on
> org.apache.wicket.ajax.json and allows the user to build Java-Objects
> from compact JSON-Strings too, for example look at the essential class
> ChartOptions. Most of the classes are easy to understand with knowledge
> of the Google Charts API, since they are counterparts of the structure
> there. Only OptionHelper as container for convenience methods is a bit
> clumsy, but I have a different solution as a builder with a fluent
> interface in mind. gchart is actually used in a new branch of my weather
> app and does it's job there well.
> Perhaps you can have a look at it, if you like it, we can integrate it
> in wicketstuff. The ZIP in the attachment has already the structure with
> parent, lib and examples. I tried to write useful JavaDoc and some basic
> unit tests. The example is a quickstart giving two charts on one page,
> first one simple like Googles's Getting Started, the other more complex
> with a overview how to use the lib's features.
> Three issues (see TODO lines integrated in the source) are existing, but
> two are small, not blocking. The essential one is if the rendering of
> JavaScript in Chart#renderHead(final IHeaderResponse response) is
> sufficient for refreshing the chart by AJAX, I am not sure if. You can
> decide this in a second, I believe, and give me some hints to make the
> chart AJAX ready.
> I first wrote to Martin Grigorov since he helped me long ago to
> contribute a bit to wicketstuff. He told me he is on vacation and I
> should repeat the mail to the list.
> Dieter Tremel
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