Hi all,

During my refactoring of the component state (WICKET-6774) I noticed
that behavior ids are currently stored in a very inefficient way: an
ArrayList is added to Component data to store references to behaviors
with a stable id. On my branch I have eliminated this ArrayList,
greatly reducing the size of components with stateful behaviors (such
as AjaxLink).

A behavior gets a stable id when it is stateful to be able to render
this id in an URL. However, at the moment, it also gets a stable id
when Component.getBehaviorId is called for that particular behavior.
This is also documented in the method's javadoc. Do we really need
this last part? It complicates the code a lot. In our code base nor in
Wicket can I find a single place where this is actually used.

I would like to suggest a change in the javadoc to state that stable
ids are only guaranteed for stateful behaviors and change this in
Wicket 9. The actual change in the implementation is not yet finished
and does not need to ship in 9.0.0, but feel I cannot change the
contract of a method in a minor release.

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