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Hi all,

Do we have any guidelines regarding the development workflow? E.g.

- How many approvals do I need for merging a PR?
PR approvals on GitHub is a relatively new thing and there is no strict rule about it. As empiric rule we try to get the approval from (at least) a couple of other commiters. But it also depends on the complexity of the PR, and for those who might have a bigger impact on framework it's good to involve other people on the @dev list.
- Who manages the changelog? Should a changelog entry be part of every PR?
PR should come with a Jira issue to track them. The change log is automatically generated during the release process using the 'Fix Version' parameter of the issues. For example this is the current change log for for the upcoming 8.9.0 version

- How do we decide what PRs to backport to older versions?
This is usually asked in the @dev list, depending on the importance of the PR (ex: is a fix or a new feature?) and its feasibility (ex: can be easily / safely back-ported?)

And are there CI builds for PRs? I would feel more confident clicking the
merge button if there was a CI status check connected to GitHub (and
possibly a Sonarqube check as well).
If I remember correctly GitHub should provide some kind of support for PRs CI, but I never explored this feature, maybe Martin did something about it.



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