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The API everywhere in tomcat based AS 6.0 is to automatically create APIs
from the deployed web apps and publish them into the API Publisher. Some
specifications are needed to create the API into API Publisher.

The specifications can be server level or web application level. So those
specifications have to be gathered from respective configuration files.
Here is the list of such identified compulsory configurations. The user can
later set-up / change the optional confirmations in API publisher.

*compulsory **server level configurations*

   - Client id and client secret separated by colon (clientId:clientSecret)
   - Host name and port of API publisher
   - Host name and port of AS

*compulsory **web application level configurations*

   - Create API (true/ false)

Optional web application level configurations

   - Tags for the web application
   - Transport (https, http)
   - Response caching (enable/ disable)
   - Cache timeout

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