Hi All,
While working on MSF4J project generation using eclipse plug-in noticed
that framework do not generate code properly for APIs with query, path and
body parameters. It generates code as follows when we have body, query and
path parameters. But none of this @QueryParam,HeaderParam annotations works
here. As a result we are getting compilation errors when we try to build
project. As i understood at framework level we may do things to handle
these parameters( pass them as strings or support these annotations). Also
noticed same for input streams and form post data. Have we tested swagger
definitions with query, path, body parameters? Did i missed any steps here?

 @Consumes({ "application/json" })
 @Produces({ "application/json" })
 public Response tiersUpdatePermissionPost(@QueryParam("tierName") String
tierName,@QueryParam("tierLevel") String tierLevel,@HeaderParam("If-Match")
String ifMatch, @HeaderParam("If-Unmodified-Since") String
ifUnmodifiedSince ,@BodyParam("permissions") TierPermission permissions) {



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