Hi all,

Since we have already restructured the docker repositories, now we are
working on testing and improving the respective repositories (ex.
docker-esb, docker-common). With regard to those improvements we have done
the following modifications.

1. Removed the product version argument from the docker shell scripts
(<docker-product>/dockerfiles/<script>.sh) and added it as a hardcoded
value. Since now the product version is maintained as a separate branch in
the docker-<product> repository, hardcoding the version against requesting
it from the user is more convinient.

2. Added new argument (-p) to take the deployment pattern number.

ex. <DOCKER_ESB_4.9.0>/dockerfiles/build.sh -l "manager" -p 2

3. Modified the product profile argument (-l) to build all the profiles in
a specific deployment pattern if the profile is not specified.

ex. <DOCKER_ESB_4.9.0>/dockerfiles/build.sh -p2  (This will build the
manager and worker profiles)

In addition to the above improvements, when building docker using puppet
provisioning, hieradata is not getting used. Currently we are working on
fixing that issue.


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