WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager 2.2.0-BETA2 is released!

WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager (WSO2 EMM) is a 100% open source,
comprehensive platform that addresses mobile computing challenges which
enterprises face today. WSO2 EMM supports iOS, Android & Windows devices
and helps organizations deal with both "corporate-owned,
personally-enabled" (COPE) devices and employee owned devices with the
"bring-your-own-device" (BYOD) ownership schemes.

Built on a generic device management framework (i.e. WSO2 Connected Device
Management Framework) that can be extended to support many other device
platforms, WSO2 EMM offers better scalability with its rich architecture,
supporting horizontal as well as vertical scaling of associated components.
Whether it is device configuration management, policy enforcement,
app-management, device data security or compliance monitoring, WSO2 EMM
offers a single enterprise grade platform for all your mobile computing

*Please find the additional bug fixes and Improvements introduced in this
release :*
Bug Fixes

   - [EMM-1620 <>] - Enrolment iOS 10

   - [EMM-1129 <>] - Unable to log in
   to EMM console after configuring SSO
   - [EMM-1185 <>] - Sort policies by
   platform and status is not functioning
   - [EMM-1249 <>] - Unnecessary
   Jaggery related logs are printed on the console during the server start-up
   - [EMM-1321 <>] - WindowLeaked
   exception in Android agent
   - [EMM-1333 <>] - Users created
   through EMM console can not be given permission to login to AppStore
   - [EMM-1342 <>] - When policy
   bundle apply, existing policy should revoke
   - [EMM-1420 <>] - Profile doesn't
   get applied when device is locked
   - [EMM-1445 <>] - "Mobile App"
   permission for "store-admin" role should be assigned by default
   - [EMM-1461 <>] - Edit, Delete,
   Change Password option buttons on top of the User views in User Management
   page, will not show the option in word however the API name is shown in the
   - [EMM-1515 <>] - Irregular
   failures for Register Oauth App, Access Token Generation and Device
   Registration calls when the concurrency reaches at around 10 threads
   - [EMM-1523 <>] - Device Monitoring
   Dashboard not found (EMM analytics dashboard)
   - [EMM-1530 <>] - During load test
   - Failed to authenticate the incoming request due to error in permission
   initialization - For the actually working API methods
   - [EMM-1587 <>] - Unneccessary
   details included in user enrollment invitation email body
   - [EMM-1596 <>] -
   NullPointerException thrown when editing a user of secondary user store
   - [EMM-1601 <>] - Sorting doesn't
   apply for enrolled devices according to sorting options
   - [EMM-1619 <>] - Unable to sort
   according to platform and status for policies
   - [EMM-1629 <>] -
   EventAdapterConfigHelper error at server startup
   - [EMM-1637 <>] - SQLException
   observed in MySQL Dsetup
   - [EMM-1639 <>] - Continous
   clicking of a notification header redirects to a 404 Page
   - [EMM-1649 <>] - iOS agent
   unregistration fails
   - [EMM-1654 <>] - Difficult to view
   the OK button on device when the message has few characters
   - [EMM-1656 <>] - Platform
   Configurations - Android Configurations Save page does not do any
   interaction action while the configuration is saved
   - [EMM-1657 <>] - Unable to change
   the password of logged in user in EMM Console
   - [EMM-1658 <>] - A user with only
   'login' and 'view users' permissions can change passwords of admin users in
   EMM Console
   - [EMM-1660 <>] - Device
   Information Page load error at the first loading after device registration
   - Windows
   - [EMM-1661 <>] - Unable to change
   the password of a user of secondary user store in EMM Console
   - [EMM-1662 <>] - [UI] Change of
   name of the highest priority policy doesn't affect the name under Policy
   Compliance at first
   - [EMM-1663 <>] - Update the
   distribution information data based on the pack
   - [EMM-1670 <>] - Device Lock
   doesn't work for Windows Phone
   - [EMM-1671 <>] - Device status is
   not set to Active from Inactive after a device being offline and
   reconnecting to internet however Monitor logs are successful
   - [EMM-1672 <>] - Error creating
   bean with name 'services': Cannot create inner bean
   '' error was
   thrown when restarting the server
   - [EMM-1673 <>] - Device details
   are not available for iOS devices
   - [EMM-1674 <>] - Policy does not
   work for iOS devices
   - [EMM-1675 <>] - Policy does not
   get revoked when it is removed from UI in iOS
   - [EMM-1676 <>] - Ntask doesn't
   work correctly
   - [EMM-1677 <>] -
   InvalidDeviceException thrown when applying policy changes to devices
   - [EMM-1678 <>] - Duplicate entry
   '' for key 'CON_APP_KEY' error was thrown when login to manager node
   - [EMM-1679 <>] - iOS feature
   installation fails on beta pack
   - [EMM-1680 <>] - Inconsistency in
   the server side when windows device is disenrolled from the workplace app
   - [EMM-1681 <>] - Minimum number of
   complex characters doesn't work with password policy configurations when
   apply a policy to an enrolled android device
   - [EMM-1683 <>] - Cannot change the
   password of the user
   - [EMM-1684 <>] - After resetting
   the password through EMM console, if we restart the server and login, error
   is thrown
   - [EMM-1686 <>] - Update
   redirection pages of 'Docs', 'About' and 'Sign-in Help' buttons in
   Management Console according to the new release
   - [EMM-1687 <>] - [UI] All
   notifications section also displayed a message of "No unread messages" when
   there are no notifications
   - [EMM-1688 <>] - Can specify wifi
   settings without adding a password for a security method in policy
   configurations for android
   - [EMM-1689 <>] - Agent crashes
   when trying to register a device with GCM enabled
   - [EMM-1692 <>] - Only listing
   maximum of 100 users/roles in EMM Console when the actual number is more
   than the displayed count with Active Directory as primary userstore
   - [EMM-1694 <>] - Fix
   responsiveness in application header
   - [EMM-1700 <>] - Breadcums are
   missing in notification listing page
   - [EMM-1701 <>] - System startup
   log for server name should rename to "WSO2 Enterprise Mobility
   Manager-2.2.0-Beta" from "WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager-2.2.0-Alpha-2"
   - [EMM-1702 <>] - Windows Phone:
   Device Location and Application List are now Removed from the Device
   Details view but the Operations Log still shows the Pending requests for
   - [EMM-1704 <>] - Disallow volume
   adjust restriction doesn't function properly when configuring in an android
   - [EMM-1705 <>] - Disallow
   configuring bluetooth restriction doesn't function properly when
   configuring in an android policy
   - [EMM-1707 <>] - EMM web App -
   Unable to view User deails and Enroll Device Details
   - [EMM-1708 <>] - Enroll Devices
   are not listed under user view
   - [EMM-1710 <>] - Menu links
   missing for the two pages of EMM Analytics Dashboard
   - [EMM-1711 <>] - EMM Analytics
   Dashboard Gadgets of the first page are not properly sized to show up
   device counts appropriately
   - [EMM-1713 <>] - EMM Analytics
   Dashboard Gadgets do not handle no-device scenarios with appropriate info
   - [EMM-1715 <>] - NPE was observed
   when shutting down EMM node
   - [EMM-1717 <>] - Windows Phone -
   Lock Reset does not work with backend Oracle DB
   - [EMM-1718 <>] - Intermittent
   error with Oracle DB
   - [EMM-1719 <>] - On a double click
   of the On-Off button in the Restrictions, the the Restrictions list toggles
   - [EMM-1723 <>] - [UI] Publish to
   Devices button in policy creation flow is misleading
   - [EMM-1724 <>] - Removed policy is
   pushed to device after re-installation
   - [EMM-1725 <>] - Android agent-
   allows to register as a coap device even the system app is not installed
   - [EMM-1726 <>] - Disable "Apply
   Changes" if the priority of policies has changed without saving in the
   policy priority page
   - [EMM-1727 <>] - NPE from
   DeviceTaskManagerImpl when enrolling iOS devices
   - [EMM-1728 <>] - System Service
   application crashes when performing reboot operation
   - [EMM-1730 <>] - Datatables
   warning alert displayed and exception thrown accordingly when visit Device
   page of an active enrolled android device
   - [EMM-1731 <>] - Multiple alert
   boxes appeared when try to register an android device as COPE without
   system services application installed in device
   - [EMM-1734 <>] - EMM cluster
   worker2 startup error
   - [EMM-1735 <>] - Unnecessary log
   printed in backend when refresh the home page of EMM publisher
   - [EMM-1736 <>] - Broken link to
   download the apk of application in Publisher
   - [EMM-1740 <>] - 'No application
   added' page displayed when searching an application with incorrect
   - [EMM-1741 <>] - Incorrect
   validation sequence applied when try to add a mobile application without
   any detail
   - [EMM-1742 <>] - EMM Analytics
   Dashboard - Overview gadget does not support devices with unreachable state
   - [EMM-1744 <>] - [UI] Application
   logo doesn't properly placed in application page in Store
   - [EMM-1749 <>] - [EMM220][Cluster]
   Device Details are loading but not the other pages in the cluster
   - [EMM-1751 <>] - Tenant user name
   displayed without the tenant domain in Publisher
   - [EMM-1752 <>] - Roles created in
   secondary user store are not listed in emm console
   - [EMM-1753 <>] - Unable to view
   users in EMM console - Gives HTTP 500
   - [EMM-1755 <>] - Cannot add
   permissions to role with special characters through EMM console
   - [EMM-1757 <>] - Admin users are
   unable to view operations log of user devices


   - [EMM-1208 <>] - Loading dialog
   box should be moved to the appropriate context in list views
   - [EMM-1574 <>] - "Can't deselect
   child permission" modal view is not properly formatted
   - [EMM-1589 <>] - Better to give a
   convenient error message when changing the password with an incorrect old
   - [EMM-1606 <>] - Better to disable
   selection options for an policy in View Mode
   - [EMM-1607 <>] - [UI] Better if
   'Policy Priority' confirmation and successful windows become more aligned
   - [EMM-1651 <>] - Provide a
   convenient error message when logged in user try to delete his/her user
   - [EMM-1653 <>] - Provide the
   ability to view user details in User Management Page in EMM Console
   - [EMM-1664 <>] - No device details
   for Windows
   - [EMM-1665 <>] - Device location
   cannot be retrieved for Windows Device
   - [EMM-1682 <>] - Help Tips for the
   Role Management Page
   - [EMM-1685 <>] - [UI] Give more
   visibility to Application Restriction Settings in policy creation for
   - [EMM-1690 <>] - Dashboard > Users
   : click event doesn't get triggered to device view page
   - [EMM-1691 <>] - Datatables -
   Making datatable extension's sorting option parsable as a parameter
   - [EMM-1703 <>] - Real world use
   case has limitations for Windows Phone - Device Lock feature
   - [EMM-1706 <>] - Change
   GooglePlayServicesUtil.isGooglePlayServicesAvailable to
   - [EMM-1750 <>] - Platform
   selectivly add policy Monitoring operation

Known Issues:

Pack can be downloaded from the following location:

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