I am trying to have a Log per api, I have configured log4j.properties as
said in the documentation. But it is not fully working.

See the API below:

<api xmlns="http://ws.apache.org/ns/synapse"; name="TestAPI" context="/testapi">
   <resource methods="GET" uri-template="/test">
         <log level="full">
            <property name="INSIDE API" value="INSIDE API"/>
         <clone continueParent="true">
                  <log level="full">
                     <property name="INSIDE CLONE" value="INSIDE CLONE"/>
                     <property name="SYNAPSE_REST_API"

The log statement inside the inSquence is displayed in the API log file
that was defined in log4j. But, the log inside the clone mediator is not,
it is displayed in the wso2carbon.log.

I checked that for ProxyServices even it being inside a clone mediator the
logs are written to the proxy service log.

Could you assist me on this? Is there any way to have the logs defined in a
clone mediator in a api be written to the same log file?

Francisco Ribeiro
*SCEA|SCJP|SCWCD|IBM Certified SOA Associate*
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