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> Thanks but now this leaves me confused.
> Is there a difference between clustering agent and load balancer?
yes those are different.
Clustering agent is something that overall look after the cluster (like who
are the members joined / left. Communication between the nodes)
Load balancer is a device / a software that will distribute the traffic
among the available nodes in a cluster

> And do we use Hazelcast community edition or NginX load balancer in a
> production environment?
In a production set up you can have a Nginx load balance to distribute the
request among the clustered nodes.
By default WSO2 products uses Hazelcast community edition based clustering
implementation [1]

In other words. When you enable cluster in wso2 products Hazelcast
clustering agent is already available to take care of your cluster.
But a load balancer is optional,  if you don't want to distribute the
incoming request to the cluster.

[1] https://docs.wso2.com/display/Carbon4411/Clustering+Agent


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