*We are pleased to announce the general availability of WSO2 IoT Server
3.2.0Download WSO2 IoT Server (IoTS) 3.2.0 from the WSO2 IoT Page
<http://wso2.com/iot>.WSO2 IoT Server is one of the most adaptive,
Apache-licensed, open source IoT platforms available today. It provides the
best technologies for device manufacturers to develop connected products as
well as rich integration and smart analytics capabilities for system
integrators to adopt devices into systems they build.These capabilities
involve device management, smart analytics, API, app management, transport
extensions for MQTT, XMPP and many more.What's new in WSO2 IoTS 3.2.0 -
Remote Control and screen mirroring feature for Android.- Ability to
enforce Geolocation bound policies.- Ability to enforce operations/policies
on devices based on input from Analytics/CEP engine.- Ability to introduce
separate agents (iOS/Android) for each tenant.- Process notification
responses from the device with IoT Analytics.- Siddhi extensions for the
Device Management.- Ability to configure IoTS with a federated IDP (OpenID
Connect).- Improvements to Notification Management (Manage/Clear
notifications).- Scripts to Change Admin Credentials and Change IPs.-
Improvements to Android/iOS agents.- Data Archival Task Implementation to
prune CDM transactional tables- Overall improvements to UI, functionality,
performance, stability and bug fixes.New Features & Bug Fixes: A list of
new features and bug fixes shipped with this release can be found as below.
- 3.1.0-Update1-fixes here
3.1.0-Update2-fixes here
3.1.0-Update3-fixes here
3.1.0-Update4-fixes here
3.1.0-Update5-fixes here
3.1.0-Update6-fixes here
3.1.0-Update7-fixes here
3.1.0-Update8-fixes here
3.1.0-Update9-fixes here
3.1.0-Update10-fixes here
3.1.0-Update11-fixes here
3.2.0-RC1-fixes here
3.2.0-RC2-fixes here
3.2.0-RC3-fixes here
3.2.0-RC4-fixes here
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IssuesThe known set of issues in this version can be found here
<https://github.com/wso2/product-iots/issues>Engaging with CommunityMailing
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<http://mail.wso2.org/mailarchive/dev/>Reporting IssuesWe encourage you to
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Server through WSO2 IoT GIT Issues
<https://github.com/wso2/product-iots/issues>.Discussion ForumsWe encourage
you to use stackoverflow
to engage with developers as well as other users.For more information about
WSO2 IoT Server, please see http://wso2.com/products/iot-server
<http://wso2.com/products/iot-server> or visit the WSO2 Oxygen Tank
<http://wso2.com/library/> developer portal for additional resources.Thank
you for your interest in WSO2 IoT Server.The WSO2 IoT Server Team*
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