I'm currently designing a dashboard. I've a couple of questions about the 
possibilities of dashboard tooling. These are:

  *   Is it possible to connect a real time Siddhi application (created in WSO2 
SP) with a dashboard. So can I use a sink in the Siddhi application to connect 
to a dashboard?
  *   I want to make line graph in de dashboard that may hightlighs a certain 
part (multiple lines) based on some conditions. Can I create some code to 
implement some condition. For example when the incoming data sends 5 events 
after each other a "1" for a attribute I want to highlight those events?
  *   Can I create a combination of line and point graph? So both lines and 
points are visible?
  *   Can also add a textual box where I can display some messages in the 
dashboard environment?

  *   Is there some documentation where I can find extensive explenation about 
dashboarding. Because now I can only find a couple basic tutorials on this 
link: https://docs.wso2.com/display/SP440/Stream+Processor+Documentation

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