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The announcement of 2.6.0-RC1 reminds me that I had meant to ask about something that I found in version 2.5.0, but still exists in 2.6.0-RC1, namely that xmlpublic.jar does not support at least some of the public XmlObject.Factory methods. Is this deliberate? Going by <> it seems to me that compiling code that uses these methods against xmlpublic.jar should succeed.

For example, after building the XMLBeans distribution, the following commands:

  cd samples/Validation
  ant build
  javac -cp $XMLBEANS_HOME/build/lib/xmlpublic.jar:build/classes \


src/org/apache/xmlbeans/samples/validation/ cannot access
class file for not found
            xml = XmlObject.Factory.parse(xmlFile, validationOptions);
1 error

Thanks for any comments/clarification.


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