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 @@ -40,9 +47,51 @@ Here are some key features of YuniKorn.
 - Customized resource types (like GPU) scheduling support.
 - Rich placement constraints support.
 - Automatically map incoming container requests to queues by policies. 
-- Node partition: partition cluster to sub-clusters with dedicated quota/ACL 
+- Node partition: partition cluster to sub-clusters with dedicated quota/ACL 
+### Integration with K8s:
+The `k8shim` provides the integration for K8s scheduling and supported 
features include: 
+- _Predicates:_ All kinds of predicates such as node-selector, pod 
affinity/anti-affinity, taint/tolerant, etc.
+- _Persistent volumes:_ We have verified hostpath, EBS, NFS, etc. 
+- _K8s namespace awareness:_ YuniKorn support hierarchical of queues, does it 
mean you need to give up K8s namespace? Answer is no, with simple config, 
YuniKorn is able to 
+ support automatically map K8s namespaces to YuniKorn queues. All 
K8s-namespace-related ResourceQuota, permissions will be still valid.
+- _Metrics:_ Prometheus, Grafana integration.
+- _Cluster AutoScaler_: YuniKorn can nicely work with Cluster AutoScaler 
(https://github.com/kubernetes/autoscaler/tree/master/cluster-autoscaler) to 
drive cluster scales up and down.
+- _K8s Events_: YuniKorn also integrated with K8s events, so lots of 
information can be retrieved by using `kubectl describe pod`.
+#### Performance testing
+We love high-performance software, and we made tremendous efforts to make it 
to support large scale cluster and high-churning tasks. 
+Here's [Performance Test Result](docs/evaluate-perf-function-with-Kubemark.md) 
+#### Deployment model
+Yunikorn can be deployed as a K8s custom scheduler, and take over all POD 
scheduling. Community is actively working on 
+[Co-existing with other K8s 
schedulers](https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/YUNIKORN-16) to allow 
YuniKorn take over subset of the cluster nodes. 
+#### Verified K8s versions 
+| K8s Version   | Support?  |
+| ------------- |:-------------:|
+| 1.12.x (or earlier) | X |
+| 1.13.x | √ |
+| 1.14.x | √ |
+| 1.15.x | √ |
+| 1.16.x | To be verified |
+| 1.17.x | To be verified |
-You can find more information about what are already supported and future 
plans in the [Road Map](docs/roadmap.md).
+### Web UI
+YuniKorn has builtin web UIs for queue hierarchies and apps. See below: 
 Review comment:
   follow up jira will add new screen shots

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