While talking with a few different users, I have been seeing the use case
of using iterative development in Notebooks or Spark Shell and then copying
and pasting the final solution to a formal application repeating itself
very often.

I was wondering if an "Export Spark Paragraphs as a Spark Application
(jar)" would be a feature that Zeppelin community would think it's useful.
But keep in mind there are some limitation here : we would be constrained
to Spark related paragraphs, etc...  but even so, I think there are
multiple scenarios where I see that the ability to have an application that
directly runs on Spark to be very useful.

If the community is interested, let's use this thread to discuss any
specific requirements or suggestions that others might have, and after a
few days I would like to start prototyping this functionality.

Thoughts ?

Luciano Resende

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