Hi everyone,

I am looking for a mentor that could help me to get on board with Zeppelin.
Please see my summary below. I followed the Mentoring Application Procedure
and I would welcome any notes/advices/suggestions on anything that I could

My name is Andrii. I am originally from Ukraine. I moved to US about 3
years ago and right now I live in Denver. I am working as a software
engineer in NASDAQ. My resume is attached in case if anyone is interested.

I am very interested in joining the Apache Community. From all the Apache
projects that are currently open, I liked Zeppelin the most. First because
it is Java/Scala based, and second because of the domain that the project
is aimed for. An analytic tool for a large-scale data that is designed for
the data scientists sounds awesome.

I have two years of experience as a software developer. My main language is
Java. Other languages and frameworks that I have worked with are
JavaScript, C#, Angular, Spring, SQL, Linux (Bash and shell scripts) and
SMARTS (programming language/software suit designed for financial markets;
we use it a lot in NASDAQ). I also have some knowledge in algorithms, data
structures and their running times. My previous working experience is
mostly in back end. This is my primary area of interest and I would like to
focus more on back end tasks, but I can work on anything that is required
for the project.

I never worked in an open source environment but I would like to start. To
make it happen, I don't need to be babysitted but I need a small push. That
is why I am looking for a mentor that could help me to get on board. From
my side I can guarantee a long term commitment, eagerness to learn and
desire to benefit for the project. I have no restrictions for the time
frame that I am willing to invest but only my job. I can work on my
evenings and weekends and I am ready to start as soon as possible.

Please let me know if anyone is interested to be my mentor.

Thank you,

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