Hi Aurélien,

If you have used interpeter-setting.json for 0.6.0, I believe there is not
much of changes you need to make for 0.6.1.

interpreterGroup information is read either from interpreter-setting.json
under interpreter/{customInterpreterGroupName}
or interpreter-setting.json included in your jar package.
interpreterGroup is list of className and name of your interpreter
which corresponds to those fields in interpreter-setting.json.
So if you put className and name correctly in interpreter-setting.json, it
should have non empty interpreterGroup in response.

I tried different things to reproduce the error but I couldn't...
I would be happy to help you if you can share more detail to reproduce this
problem. Or feel free to contact me private if you want to share your
custom interpreter.


On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 11:31 AM Aurélien Hébert <
aurelien.heb...@cityzendata.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I developed an interpreter for the Zeppelin version 0.6.0. I am now
> updating it to work on the 0.6.1 release. But unfortunately I am
> experimenting an issue.
> When clicking on the create button, I found a list of interpreter with
> mine, I add it and save it. Then no interpreter is created.
> When checking on the network requests made I have the following result:
> {"status":"CREATED","message":"","body":{"id":"2BYP7ANTF","name":"test","group":"myInterpreter","properties":{"prop1":"default"},"interpreterGroup":[],"dependencies":[],"option":{"remote":true,"perNoteSession":false,"perNoteProcess":false,"isExistingProcess":false}}}
> The field interpreterGroup corresponds here to an empty field, what should
> I modify/look for to fill it with the good values ?
> I put my jar with the dependencies in interpreter/myInterpreter, and chande
> zeppelin-site.xml.
> The interpreter is defined using the interpreter-setting.json.
> Thanks
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> Aurélien Hébert
> Developer at Cityzen Data

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