Github user sanjaydasgupta commented on the issue:
    @felixcheung I've fixed the 4 issues in the documentation file, 
thanks for the very careful review.
    I have also added a unit test 
 which tests the following:
    1) enabling and disabling the feature by setting 
"zeppelin.jdbc.interpolation", including the default value of false.
    2) normal substitution of {...} patterns
    3) escaping the pattern functionality by using {{...}}
    Please also note that all the unit tests defined for this feature in the 
`Interpreter` base class do a thorough check of all possible uses and misuses 
of { and }. The above additional unit test is really more like an integration 
test to verify that the JDBC interpreter is inheriting and leveraging the base 
class's functionality correctly.
    Thanks for your very helpful review.


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