Github user VipinRathor commented on the issue:
    This can also be tested via REST APIs like this:
    1. Login and get cookie as CaMel case user:
    curl -iv -b /tmp/cookie -c /tmp/cookie --data 
"userName=CaMel&password=passw0rd"  -X POST http://localhost:9995/api/login
    2. Access a notebook or run some paragraph using the same cookie:
    curl -iv -b /tmp/cookie -c /tmp/cookie 
    3. Operation will be allowed with following debug log message:
    DEBUG [2018-04-12 08:33:20,274] ({qtp2146608740-19 - 
/api/notebook/2D9Q95A3K}[getPrincipal]:105) - converting 
principal name CaMel to lower case:camel


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