Mohammed Arif created ZEPPELIN-3980:

             Summary: Zeppelin v0.8 incorrectly displays a '+' character in the 
result when querying a stored string in Hive DB
                 Key: ZEPPELIN-3980
             Project: Zeppelin
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: front-end
    Affects Versions: 0.8.0
         Environment: %hive
SELECT row_id, 
x_home_mobile_ph    , concat('+',x_home_mobile_ph) as transf1, 
work_ph_num         , concat('+',work_ph_num) as transf2, 
cell_ph_num         , concat('+',cell_ph_num) as transf3, 
fax_ph_num          , concat('+',fax_ph_num) as transf4, 
x_home_fax_num      , concat('+',x_home_fax_num) as transf5, 
home_ph_num         , concat('+',home_ph_num) as transf6
x_home_mobile_ph IS NOT NULL OR work_ph_num IS NOT NULL OR  cell_ph_num IS NOT 
NULL OR  fax_ph_num IS NOT NULL OR  x_home_fax_num IS NOT NULL OR  home_ph_num 
) limit 7
            Reporter: Mohammed Arif
         Attachments: ZeppelinV0_7.jpg, ZeppelinV0_8.jpg

While querying a table for phone numbers in Zeppelin v0.8 we see that the 
output displayed on hive interpreter is slightly different from the original 
content, when a plus (+) sign is concatenated in the query. The resultant 
displays two plus (+) signs leading to incorrect data output in CSV files.

If the plus (+) sign is not concatenated then the results displayed is just the 
phone numbers and nothing else.


Tried the same query in Zeppelin v0.7.3 but it displays results accurately. I 
am attaching the screenshots for Zeppelin v0.7.3 and v0.8 for reference, 
{color:#333333}Can someone help with any configuration changes which would help 
us resolve this issue?{color}

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