Github user andschwa commented on the issue:
    The change is this:
    -target_link_libraries(hashtable PUBLIC $<$<PLATFORM_ID:Linux>:m>)
    +target_link_libraries(hashtable PUBLIC 
    This code is not executed on Jenkins, so I don't see how it could be. I 
double checked, it's still running the Autotools build, here's a snippet:
         [exec]      [exec] checking that generated files are newer than 
configure... done
         [exec]      [exec] configure: creating ./config.status
         [exec]      [exec] config.status: creating Makefile
         [exec]      [exec] config.status: creating config.h
         [exec]      [exec] config.status: executing depfiles commands
         [exec]      [exec] config.status: executing libtool commands


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