Greetings all.

I was debugging something an ran into this bit of code:

If I understand it correctly, it seems that this means log.xxxxx files will
only get deleted if there's a snapshot.

Which is troublesome, as my dataDir is filling up with log files but not a
single snapshot in sight.

1: Is this correct behavior? Both the logic of needing a snapshot and the
fact that not snapshots are being generated?

2: While not having a fix for this, what would be useful to know is: can
these log files be freely deleted? Or does the most recent one need to be
kept, or how does it go with this files?

I thought that running "bin/ /data -n 3" would clean up both
the snapshots and the logs, but it appears that if there are not snapshots,
the logs aren't cleaned either.

What are my options here?

Kind regards,
Koen De Groote

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