On 11/14/2014 02:34 AM, Chris Johns wrote:
> On 14/11/2014 9:12 am, Jiri Gaisler wrote:
>> What is the procedure to add gdb patches to RBS?
> Patches are first accepted by the RTEMS Project as the definition of the 
> tools belongs to the project and tool packagers, ie the RSB, need to adopt 
> that definition to get a project tick. Patches should be posted upstream 
> where possible and then referenced from there. If the
> upstream does not have a suitable method to reference patches we can add them 
> to the rtems-tools.git repo under the tools directory. There are specific 
> cases such as the openrisc tools where a specific github instance is 
> referenced as we have a positive undertaking from that
> community the tools are being merged upstream. Examples of upstream patch 
> referencing is qemu and patchworks.
> I do not see a patch management system for gdb. There was talk back in April 
> of this year of gdb using patchworks and then something else however it seems 
> to have died out.
>> I have a few patches that fixes the erc32 simulator and also
>> add support for leon2 and leon3. This would allow us to drop
>> the sis bsp, and also to test the leon2 and leon3 bsp's with
>> sis.
> Excellent. I suggest you provide git patches for the rtems-tools.git repo to 
> add the patches and then provide RSB patches for the sparc gdb build to use 
> them. There are specific sparc patches already present which need updating as 
> they are currently stopping us moving off gdb-7.7.

I tried to move RBS to gdb-7.8.1, but there were several other
dependency problems that I could not (easily) fix. So I have back-ported
my patches to gdb-7.7 which seems to work equally well. I will send the
patches for rtems-tools and rtems-source-builder to Chris off-list as the
patch is quite large (300K). I built the sparc toolchain with RBS
and copied the sis patch to rtems/patches manually since I have not
write access to rtems-tools.git. This worked fine, and gdb now runs
leon2/3 binaries:

$ sparc-rtems4.11-gdb 

GNU gdb (GDB) 7.7
Reading symbols from 
(gdb) tar sim -leon2 -v

 SIS - SPARC instruction simulator 2.8
 Bug-reports to Jiri Gaisler (j...@gaisler.se)

LEON2 emulation enabled
CPU freq 50.0 MHz
RAM start: 0x40000000, RAM size: 16384 K, ROM size: 16384 K
serial port A on stdin/stdout
GPT started (period 65536)
Connected to the simulator.
(gdb) lo
 is big-endian.
section .text at 0x40000000 (0x17930 bytes)
section .data at 0x40017930 (0x590 bytes)
section .bss at 0x40017ec0 (0x2050 bytes)(not loaded)
(gdb) run
Starting program: 
resuming at 40000000

TA1  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:00   12/31/1988
TA2  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:00   12/31/1988
TA3  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:00   12/31/1988
TA1  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:05   12/31/1988
TA2  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:10   12/31/1988
TA1  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:10   12/31/1988
TA3  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:15   12/31/1988
TA1  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:15   12/31/1988
TA2  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:20   12/31/1988
TA1  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:20   12/31/1988
TA1  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:25   12/31/1988
TA3  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:30   12/31/1988
TA1  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:30   12/31/1988
TA2  - rtems_clock_get_tod - 09:00:30   12/31/1988
[Inferior 1 (process 42000) exited normally]
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