here's the patch.

> If older versions of NetBSD (x86 at least) don't have wscons, there
> should at least be a check that it is available.

Did that. X -configure with wscons support / NetBSD it will try to open
/dev/wskbd, if it succeeds it will write driver kbd, protocol wskbd and
device /dev/wskbd into XF86Config, if not it falls back to driver

> I suggested using the xfree86 XKB rules/keycodes for consistency of
> features across platforms and because they are the best-supported ones
> within XFree86.  In the past, diverging from this has resulted in
> unnecessary feature and functionality differences between platforms.
> Also, the set of XKB key tokens (the <XXXX> objects mapped to raw
> keycodes by the keycodes files) would ideally be platform-independent
> to avoid the unnecessary need to have multiple copies of the XKB
> symbol mappings.

I added the Sun-specific keynames found in atKeynames.h to the Sun map
in bsd_KbdMap.c and changed both the legacy driver and the modular
keyboard driver to drop anything that's no sane scancode ( like
KEY_NOTUSED ) and in case of the legacy driver anything that translates
to something >0x7f because xf86PostKbdEvent() uses 0x80 as up/down
indicator. This way everything is fine and the extra keys are (almost)
all usable with kbd while the legacy driver behaves the same as before -
extra keys don't work, some scancodes get mangled ( like most cursor
keys ).

> The symbols mappings in xkbcomp/symbols/pc are the most full-featured
> that we have, and they're not really PC-specific.  In fact, it is
> probably a good time to promote them out of their pc/ subdirectory.

They don't contain mappings for Sun extra keys like audio up/down and
the extra function keys. Then there's nothing to do for the compose key.

> That would just leave the issue of whether the raw keyboard codes are
> mapped to a consistent set of X keycodes within the driver, or whether
> that is handled by using different XKB keycodes files.  I don't see a
> great advantage to doing this mapping at the XKB level.

The Sun map had a minor mistake (or feature?)- Props/L3 and ScrollLock
were swapped.

have fun

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