Planned Outage - - 2021-12-08 9:00 UTC

There will be a partial outage starting on wednesday at 2021-12-08 9:00 UTC
which will last approximately 1 hour.

To convert UTC to your local time, take a look at
or run:

date -d '2021-12-08 9:00 UTC'

Reason for outage:

Bodhi will be properly upgraded to 5.7.3 - the code has actually been
running in prod as a hotfix for over a week, so we might as well make
it official.

Affected Services:

bodhi / may be down or unresponsive during
the upgrade window

Ticket Link:

Please join #fedora-admin or #fedora-noc on
or add comments to the ticket for this outage above.
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