Hello folks,

this is just a reminder that there is a Fedora Packager Dashboard that you might not know about:

Go to https://packager-dashboard.fedoraproject.org/

Enter your FAS username, (sit down and relax for a while if coming for the first time) and enjoy aggregated information about your Fedora and EPEL packages from:

 - Bugzilla
 - Bodhi
 - Koschei
 - src.fedoraproject.org PRs
 - orphans reports
 - non-installability reports
 - Fedora release schedule
 - Package calendars (currently GNOME and Python, but extensible)
 - and possibly more in the future

With various filtering options.

Also works for FAS groups or custom views of multiple users that can be used for triages, e.g.:


See the help page for more:


Miro Hrončok
Phone: +420777974800
IRC: mhroncok
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