This document represents a proposed Change. As part of the Changes
process, proposals are publicly announced in order to receive
community feedback. This proposal will only be implemented if approved
by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee.

== Summary ==
Creation of an official Fedora Spin shipping the
[ Budgie Desktop

== Owner ==
* Name: [[User:Joshstrobl| Joshua Strobl]]
* Primary Contact Person: [[User:Joshstrobl| Joshua Strobl]]
* Email:

* Release notes tracker: <will be assigned by the Wrangler>

== Detailed Description ==

Budgie Desktop is a well-known desktop environment originally
developed by the Solus operating system and currently developed under
the Buddies of Budgie organization. Budgie Desktop is available
through popular operating systems such as Arch Linux, EndeavourOS,
Ubuntu Budgie, Solus, and Ultramarine Linux.

Budgie Desktop’s goal is to be a feature-rich and modern desktop that
provides unique ways of interacting with the system (such as the
widget and notification center Raven) while being approachable to many
users with its default more traditional look and feel. Budgie Desktop
is extensible through its own plugin architecture and offers a variety
of customization options to enable users and partners (e.g. Ubuntu
Budgie) to make it their own.

Budgie Desktop and its respective components (Budgie Desktop View,
Budgie Control Center, Budgie Screensaver) is officially maintained by
Joshua Strobl, the lead of the Buddies of Budgie organization and a
newly proposed [[ SIGs/Budgie | Budgie SIG ]]. Budgie Desktop was
introduced in Fedora 37. A Fedora Budgie Spin would be a valuable
addition to Fedora’s existing spins, providing Budgie Desktop users
with the ability to use their favorite desktop environment with a
leading operating system.

== Feedback ==

Feedback to the prospect of a Fedora Budgie has been positive and
there has been demand for years for easy access to Budgie Desktop on

=== Ask Fedora ===

Budgie Desktop on Fedora has been sought after for years, for example
on the following posts:

* [
Budgie Desktop on Fedora]
* [ Budgie
for Fedora 33?]

=== Linux Journalism ===

* ''"In any case, the Budgie desktop coming to Fedora is good news. It
gives more options to the Fedora user and Budgie is a pretty sleet
desktop. People who like both Fedora and Budgie should be able to
enjoy the best of the both worlds."'' -
[ It's
* ''"In summary, the effort to make the Budgie desktop available to
users of Fedora is a fantastic one. Not only does it give Fedora users
more choice, but [it will] bring the delights of Budgie to an even
wider set of users which, in turn, could help spur its development
further."'' - [
OMG Linux]

=== Reddit ===

In a thread posted about the submission of Budgie Desktop] to Fedora
as well as the goal to eventually create a Fedora Budgie Spin, the
following was provided as feedback:

* ''"This is fantastic news! Fedora + Budgie is such a great match <3"''
* ''"Hey Josh! I moved from Solus to Fedora recently. But I do miss
Budgie quite a bit. Thanks for doing this."''
* ''"Congratulations! Fedora Linux with Budgie will be awesome."''
* ''"I would love to try a dedicated spin of budgie fedora, and would
even be willing to try a silverblue based spin too"''

== Benefit to Fedora ==

As with the support of other Fedora Spins, this change benefits end
users who run or wish to run Fedora on their personal computing
devices (laptop / desktop) with their preferred desktop environment.
These users may be coming from other operating systems that have a
slower iterative process, lack modern hardware support, or are missing
the large community and support network that Fedora offers.

Providing Budgie Desktop through a Budgie Spin would align with
Fedora’s common values of Features and First. Fedora prides itself on
its ability to closely collaborate with “upstreams” and empowering a
“wide spectrum of millions of users, administrators, and developers
worldwide”. Budgie Desktop shares a
User-centric] “Core Value” that puts users at the center of how we
shape Budgie Desktop. Fedora’s ability to collaborate with and lead
the charge on technical innovation would benefit the development of
Budgie Desktop going into the future and Budgie Desktop’s perspective
on desktop experiences could help shape the evolution of personal
computing under Fedora as well.

A Fedora Budgie Spin would provide a better initial experience for
Fedora users that is more aligned with the “stock” or “promoted
defaults” experience by Budgie Desktop. Currently, end users that wish
to use Budgie Desktop on Fedora must install Fedora Workstation (due
to the extensive overlap between the GNOME “Stack” components offered
in Workstation and that of Budgie) and apply changes to get an
experience more aligned with the recommendations offered by the
external documentation].

A Fedora Budgie Spin would reduce the extraneous packages that come
with Fedora Workstation that are not needed as part of the Budgie
Desktop experience, provide consistent iconography and desktop
theming, and reduce potential headaches associated with the multi-step
process of getting Budgie Desktop on Fedora.

== Scope ==

* Proposal owners:
** SIG request: [ #11049]
** comps: [ #787]
** fedora-release-budgie:
** kickstart: [ #929]
** livesys-scripts: [ #6]

* Other developers: N/A

* Release engineering: [ #11184]

* Policies and guidelines: N/A (not needed for this Change)

* Trademark approval: [ #428]

* Alignment with Objectives: N/A (not needed for this Change)

== Upgrade/compatibility impact ==

There is no upgrade / compatibility impact from the Spin.

== How To Test ==

To test the Budgie Spin:

# Boot the Fedora Budgie ISO image either on bare-metal or in a virtual machine.
# Confirm successful boot into the Budgie Desktop environment.
# Launch Anaconda installer from the Budgie Menu (accessible in the
left corner of the bottom panel or pressing Super / Windows key) or
from the desktop icon.
# Confirm no issues with Budgie Desktop Settings (used for
personalizing Budgie Desktop). Budgie Desktop should have consistent
iconography through Papirus Icon Theme and “legacy GTK applications”
should be using Materia GTK Theme. Confirm functional Budgie Control
Center (display configuration panel for example).
# Confirm functional system tray.
# Confirm functional and accessible Raven (pressing Super / Windows
key + A or Super / Windows key + N).

== User Experience ==

Users are able to consume Budgie Desktop from instead of installing another desktop
environment and manually installing and configuring Budgie Desktop.
The Fedora Budgie Spin will be as minimal as possible, offering the

* A core set of applications e.g. GNOME Software for updates and
package management, file manager, text editor, terminal, and web
* Consistent GTK theming through Materia GTK Theme and iconography
through Papirus Icon Theme - facilitated by gschema overrides.
* Recommended Budgie Desktop components (Budgie Desktop itself, Budgie
Desktop View for desktop icon support, Budgie Control Center, and
Budgie Screensaver for locking)
* lightdm + slick-gtk-greeter for a more refined greeter experience

== Dependencies ==


== Contingency Plan ==

* Contingency Mechanism: If a blocker bug comes up that breaks
composes of the Budgie Spin for Fedora 38, the Change can be bumped to
a future Fedora release (e.g. F39).
* Contingency Deadline: 2023-02-21
* Blocks release? No

== Documentation ==


N/A (not a System Wide Change)

== Release Notes ==

This release introduces the Fedora Budgie Spin. The Fedora Budgie Spin
aims to provide the premiere Budgie Desktop experience on top of
Fedora Linux, the leading edge platform for developers and users

Ben Cotton
He / Him / His
Fedora Program Manager
Red Hat
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