To deliver Python 3.13 with Fedora Linux 41, we will run a coordinated rebuild in a side tag.


Python 3.13.0b2 is scheduled for Tuesday, Jun 4th 2024.
We hope to start the mass rebuild shortly after it's available.

TL;DR: If you can, for the period of the mass rebuild just don't build your packages in rawhide. We will let you know when the side tag rebuild actually starts and when it is merged and it's safe to build in rawhide with Python 3.13.

If you see a "Rebuilt for Python 3.13" (or similar) commit in your package,
please don't rebuild it in regular rawhide or another rawhide side tag.
If you need to, please let us know, so we can coordinate.

If you'd like to build a package after we already rebuilt it, you should be able to build it in the side tag via:

  on branch rawhide:
  $ fedpkg build --target=f41-python
  $ koji wait-repo f41-python --build <nvr>

It takes time to build all the essential packages,
so don't expect all your dependencies to be available right away.
Any attempts to build your packages in the side tag before we do will likely fail due to missing dependencies.

When in trouble, ask here or on Fedora's Matrix - Fedora Python room (https://matrix.to/#/#python:fedoraproject.org)
Ping me (ksurma) or Miro (mhroncok) if you need to talk to us.

Builds will appear here: https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/builds?latest=0&tagID=f41-python&order=-build_id&inherited=0

Please avoid any potentially disturbing or major changes in Python packages until the rebuild is over.

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