Hi David 

        I have found this compiled OVMF-with-csm.fd can support winxp booting 
        OVMF-with-csm.fd path: 
        Then could you help to provide me the compile method and base code to 
reproduce this OVMF-with-csm.fd?


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Hi Laszlo
        Thank you very much for your great support.

Hi David
        Refer to 

        Interested users and developers should look for OVMF's "-D CSM_ENABLE"
        build-time option, and check out the <https://www.kraxel.org/repos/> 
        integration repository, which provides CSM-enabled OVMF builds.
        Could you help me to choose which branch supporting CSM, and more 
details, thanks very much.


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On 10/10/19 16:37, Junhao Gao wrote:
> Hi edk2 members
>                I have a question for your help.
>                I want to enable qemu+kvm+ovmf to boot up windows xp,
>                then ovmf support winxp starting-up?

To my understanding, the first Windows "family" with any kind of UEFI support 
is Windows 7.

OvmfPkg/README has some comments on Windows support:

> * UEFI Windows 8 boots
> * UEFI Windows 7 & Windows 2008 Server boot (see important notes 
> below!)


> === UEFI Windows 7 & Windows 2008 Server ===
> * One of the '-vga std' and '-vga qxl' QEMU options should be used.
> * Only one video mode, 1024x768x32, is supported at OS runtime.
> * The '-vga qxl' QEMU option is recommended. After booting the installed
>   guest OS, select the video card in Device Manager, and upgrade its driver
>   to the QXL XDDM one. Download location:
>   <http://www.spice-space.org/download.html>, Guest | Windows binaries.
>   This enables further resolutions at OS runtime, and provides S3
>   (suspend/resume) capability.

If you'd like to virtualize Windows XP on QEMU/KVM, please use SeaBIOS for 
guest firmware.

You can also try to build OVMF with -D CSM_ENABLE, but for that, you'll have to 
build SeaBIOS in CSM mode first, and embed that binary into OVMF at build time. 
Please ask David for details (CC'd).


>                qemu command:
>                qemu-system-x86_64 -hda winxp.img -boot c -enable-kvm -cpu 
> host -bios ./OVMF.fd -m 512 -vga cirrus -net nic,model=rtl8139 -net user 
> -usbdevice tablet -localtime
>                Then if ovmf support, could you provide me the way to compile 
> the OVMF.fd?
> Thanks,
> Junhao

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