I'm surprising my detailed and patient explanation become a poor excuses! If 
you think there is anything wrong with my explanation, please correct me 
instead of blaming directly. 

> > I think I have *repeated* several times that we are targeting to fix
> > the HostName validation issue, not the IP or email address. *But*
> > even so,  the series patches for UEFI TLS is also allowable to
> > specify IP as host name for CN or dNSName of SAN in the certificate.
> > That's why I said "if the CN or SAN in the certificate are set
> > correctly, it should be OK to pass the verification". The failure you
> > mentioned here is to set the IP in iPAddress of SAN, I agree it's the
> > routine and suggested setting, *but* obviously, it's not the target
> > we are supported according the implementation/description of
> > TlsSetVerifyHost. We are targeting to the hostname verification, and
> > meanwhile compatible with the IP in the URI (But need the *correct*
> > certificate setting).
> >
> > IP addresses stored in the DNS names and CN are of cause ignored by
> > X509_check_ip & X509_check_ip_asc().
> I cannot coherently express how disappointed I am by this response.
> The current state is that EDK2 doesn't check the subject of the
> certificate at all.

Highlight again: we do check the certificate peername in SAN & Subject 
CommonName (CN) instead of nothing.

> We're trying to fix that, and you have expended more effort typing in
> poor excuses for doing an incomplete job, than the typing it would have
> taken just to get it right in the first place.

My typing is only poor excuses? I'm trying my best to explain the patch 
intention. I said in the previous email, "We are targeting to the hostname 
verification, and meanwhile compatible with the IP in the URI". I also agree 
your suggestion & requires is reasonable & meaning to support the IP check in 
the certificate. So,  my friendly advice is to separate the issues you raised 
instead of mixing them up.


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