definitely -1 for #ifdef. 
And I agree with Rene here, debug is debug and if you don't like it => don't 
enable it.
Kannel has enough infos what's going on even without debug enabled and if users
enable debug they don't have to complain about too much information.

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Subject: Re: [PATCH] Reduce logging in dbpool_mysql.c
Am 24.09.2016 13:57, schrieb Rene Kluwen:
> I don’t agree completely with your reasoning.
> Either you want debug information or you don’t.
> Enabling debug information yields a lot of information.
> What about if you want to debug the mysql pool usage?
> Still +0 from me in case it’s redundant info.

both points are viable. I know what Donald means here. He wants DEBUG
level, but not cluttered with "too much deep" info.

I would suggest wrapping the debug() line into a #ifdef DO_DEBUG which
CAN be defined in the header section of the source file itself. So
people CAN easily add it as extra DEBUG level information, but we
wouldn't see it in the "normal" DEBUG way.

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